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Read these five major concerns regarding social media for businesses.

5 Reasons Social Media Can be a Chore

When it comes to social media, companies lose hope. What are they worried about? Social media is the best means to alert people about their business and brand. So what's the problem? Here are the top five reasons why it is hard for companies to use social media.

  1. Firstly, they are concerned about customer input being seen by the general public. Once you create a business and market your services, you expose your brand to other people and they will start to talk about it. Of course, that is what you wanted, your brand to be known by people. So, what the fuss about exposing it to others? People are going to talk about your business whether you like it or not. If a person is not satisfied, he or she may tell you explicitly or go to the social media so other people could be aware of your dysfunctional services.
  2. Secondly, Companies do not understand social media. They do not know what to do about social media and who to talk to.
  3. Thirdly, the effectiveness of social media is hard to measure. Google analytics has existed for years, which allow companies to track their traffic coming to their sites. Google alerts and twitter are some of social media that help your company to be known.
  4. Fourthly, they are afraid that employees will be on facebook or twitter chatting all day. There is said to be approximately 350 million users of Facebook. Your employees are included in this amount anyway, so you should take that as they are helping you to succeed in your business. If you not allowing your employees to access facebook that could lead to the end of your business. Your business may be like a mushroom.
  5. The fifth and the last reason is that social media is costly. Well, this is not true when you compare millions of people who you can reach using social media. The cost is return by the traffic that comes to your ads. Companies should stop worrying about social media and focus on positive benefits that social media can bring for them.

It is interesting to note that although what is referred to as social media has been around for years now, many big companies are still irrelevant and make serious mistakes. Many of these companies do not seem to have any idea of how to use social media conversations for the success of their operations.

The problem seems to start right at the door of these companies, for many of them are not social in the first place. They do not understand the significance of individual employees carrying out their own social conversations while acting as their representatives. There are different aspects involved in marketing, among of which is connecting prospective clients with products that interest them.

While companies are used to distributing packaged information, this is not what social media is about. Social media involve a meaningful connection with potential customers for the benefit of both parties. It is therefore important for a company to use things that will strike a chord with heir targeted customers if they want to make a significant impact. There is no single formula that will make social media work for all companies in different situations.

This fact is another major cause of concern. Many of the companies who would like to take advantage of social media to promote their businesses are in search of particular formulas that they can use, as is the case with other types of marketing campaigns. However, the mere fact that a given formula proved successful for one company does not automatically mean that it will work equally well for another company. Companies should take the time to determine the things that resonate with their targeted audience.

The companies need to create meaningful connections with relevant communities, which will help them to develop trust and ultimately boost their businesses.

Any company that wants to succeed with the social media must take the following things seriously:

  • Monitor the social media by carefully llistening
  • Creating relevant content to their targeted audience
  • Engaging with their audience
  • Being open to the views of the customers
  • Demonstrating leadership in social participation
  • Testing to see what works
  • Making relevant changes

Twitter and Facebook: Which is Easier?

People can be confused whether to choose facebook or twitter. Which one is harder for advertisers to use? To be honest there is no straight answer to this question but depending on what type of business you want to advertise. In this case, there are no personal perspectives but only business perspective can help to decide. The question you should ask your self is which is the best option for your business. You cannot say you want to choose facebook just because you like facebook, you should first consider the requirements and type of your business.

First of all, you need to know the functions performed by both of these social networks. Twitter allows you to post updates and messages of 140 characters or less. It can be a link to an article or a blog you read and want to share with your audience. Users are not just following you but you also follow them in return to get their updates. It is also easy to create twitter account and time saving.

Facebook is a very cool social network but not easy as twitter when you setup an account. You can setup your business fan page after you created your personal account and invite people to like your fan page. On your fan page, you can post videos, announce sales and ask your fans questions. It is an online intercommunication between you and your fans. All right, now you know about these two social networks. The question stands still, which one is harder to advertise? This needs you to have telescopic perspectives, which is the broader way of viewing your business. If your business is more personal such as being a woodworker or bead worker, facebook is recommended. However, it will be appropriate to advertise on facebook if you are an accountant or surgeon. If your business is more national, twitter is recommended.

As mentioned earlier, that there is no straight answer for the question above. But you should have a better idea.