Executive Mindset

Once upon a time anything remotely graphic-related was immediately sent to a specialized agency. Unless you had years of experience with graphic design, it just wasn't worth risking the whole image of your company to save a few bucks.

However, the situation has been turned on its head over recent years. Admittedly, the economic climate has played a part, but companies are much more open to designing and publishing their documents in-house. Here, we take a look at some of the reasons why.

Graphic design software really is for dummies

Several years ago, owning Photoshop wasn’t just expensive but it was utterly pointless for a lot of companies. This is a piece of software, like many others in the industry for that matter, which has become increasingly easy to use over recent times. With wizard-like programs also available, which can put together a professional company poster in seconds, it’s no surprise to see that companies no longer have to rely on the design skills of the professionals.

Wall Decals: Lately, are very fashionable and decorative vinyl stickers. There is specific printed sticker or poster for the kitchen, with a moisture resistant adhesive with good adhesion to the tiles. They give a special touch to the wall and totally change the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the places in the house where we spend more time.

Besides the use, grease and moisture generated in this part of the house make it necessary to renew from time to time, and not just to repair the damage that they have but because we are so long at least we are at ease.

Pictures for the kitchen tables usually have around the house but sometimes we forget to believe that the kitchen is more functional and less decorative space. Why not hang pictures in our kitchen? They give a very original touch.

Specialist printing equipment isn't going to be worth a bank loan

Even if a firm did have a graphics guru in-house, the chances of owning printing equipment capable of producing high-end documents in large batches was slim to say the least. Now, such equipment is readily available, with the market full of options that can make in-house printing a completely "normal" process.

There's a much greater degree of control

While cost can be a principle reason, firms are also known that the DIY approach leaves matters much more in their control. There are no minimum order requirements, and slight changes to a document aren’t going to result in extra charges or a grumble down the phone. Everything is in their hands, which is the main thing that companies desire nowadays.